Viking Hall

Main Level  | Maximum Capacity: 50 to 100 based on AHS restrictions for physical distancing at the time of your event

CURRENT CAPACITY REDUCED DUE TO COVID – 33% of fire code = 66 persons.
Future:  If restrictions change to physical distancing 6′ (2m) may allow for 50 – 70 people – number of people also varies based on type of event and set up of chairs or chairs and tables.

ALSO – Must comply with current AHS COVID restrictions in place at the time of your event – as to food and beverage service etc.
Current: October 2021 – Proof of Vaccine and mandatory masking Required to enter the Facility – no  buffet service or communal food / beverage service allowed, no dancing, singing restrictions, sanitizers and social distancing measures to be followed by all people in the building.  Max 66 people.

Commercial Kitchen includes: (currently used to serve purchased food and coffee – restaurant style due to COVID restrictions)

  • Commercial 6 Burner Gas Stove with 2 large ovens
  • Commercial Cooler & Dishwasher, Microwave oven
  • Coffee Urns, Dishes, Cutlery, Utensils, Serving platters etc.
  • Cook or bring in your own Caterers

Bar – with cooler & ice machine.  CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID – September 2020 to current – NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED.

FUTURE: When restrictions change.  Renter must provide bartender.  We need to see the original copy of your appropriate liquor permit – Public Events / Fundraisers require a Public Liquor Permit from AGLC!  Special Event Licence – Private Resale for private events (AGLC Liquor permits available online or through AGLC directly)- Alcohol Service to midnight & guests out at 1 AM, Renter to clean and be out before 2 AM.  The original and all receipts must be posted in the bar during your event.

Long-term  / Multiple rentals are available with hourly & discount rates on Weekday evenings

  • Wheelchair & Handicap Accessible (elevator & washroom)
  • Large Elevated Stage & Dance Floor Area
  • 8 speaker PA (Microphone) system with CD player, ipod, laptop & USB Plug-ins, Wi-Fi access
  • WePresent WiPG 1000 – Wireless Projector & Key operated Large Screen behind Stage Valance
  • We set up – Chairs & Rectangular Tables (6′ & 8′) + Round tables (4′ & 5′ Round)
  • Hardwood floor, Vaulted ceiling, Variable lighting, Piano
  • Balcony Level – coat check and optional seating for up to 40 guests (hall capacity includes balcony)
  • Serving Counter outside Kitchen with pass-through for coffee & Desserts

Optional Expenses – Linens, Wineglasses, Projector & Screen

Please email to request availability and a copy of our RENTAL CONTRACT.

Valhalla Room

  • Lower Level  | Maximum Fire Code Capacity 60 – Currently Reduced to 33% of 60 = 20 people
  • Future:  If restrictions change to physical distancing  – 10 to 30 persons depending on specific details of your event and family groups.
  • Small Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Meetings, Yoga, Folk dance, Choir practice
  • Kitchen – Stove, Fridge, Microwave, Dishwasher, Dishes, Utensils, Coffee Maker & Urns, Kettle
  • Pass through Bar & refreshment counter
  • Microphone, CD player, iPod, laptop plug-ins, Wi-Fi Access
  • Projector & Screen available, Piano
  • Same Level Washrooms, access from parking lot or Handicap Elevator

Saga Board Room

  • Lower Level | Maximun Fire Code Capacity: 20 – Current capacity 6 people
  • Future:  When restrictions change to physical distancing – 6 – 8 person capacity
  • Shared Kitchen in Heritage room & Same level washroom facilities
  • Oval table, blackboard, TV/DVD Players, Coffee Maker & Cups upon request
  • Saga Room – limitations on external/public rentals due to Library Book access
  • Lower Level Access – back parking lot
  • Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian & Swedish Libraries
  • Library open to during office hours – CURRENTLY CLOSED due to COVID
  • Language Lessons open to the public – CURRENTLY held on zoom by internal groups

Heritage Room

  • Lower Level | Maximun Fire Code Capacity: 20 – Current capacity 6 persons
  • Future: Physical distancing will allow for 6 – 10 person capacity.
  • Meetings, Seminars, Workshops, Small Dinners, Children’s Room, Birthdays or small events
  • Open space for activities ( dance, yoga, aerobic etc. )
  • Tables available for meetings.
  • Kitchen in Room may be shared with Saga Room
  • Blackboard, Projector & Screen
  • Lockers may be accessed by other group