Scan Centre Office / Library / Viewing Hours:  Monday to Friday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Viewings to specific rooms may be limited during some daytime activities – ie Senors Yoga Tues & Friday mornings in the main Viking Hall – appointments recommended to confirm availability of access.
Holiday – Christmas & Summer Hours – 2 Days / week  – Tuesdays & Fridays only

We welcome the public to volunteer, join or attend many Cultural and Community Events, Language Lessons, choirs, seniors activities etc. which are held by us and our Cultural Groups.  Rental of Rooms are also open to the community and public based on availability

Centre Manager: Donna Englund
Phone:  403 – 284 – 2610
Fax:       403 – 284 – 2675

*Phone messages & emails are also received from a remote location on weekends and holidays.

739 – 20 Ave NW Calgary, Alberta  T2M 1E2